Hello 🙂

my name is Pori Chori and I loove to cook! ^-^

Most of the recipes you find here are fast and simple, some may also be a little bit harder, but since I’m no master head cook there won’t be anything impossible 🙂 I’m also using this site to remember some basic recipes I sometimes forget, maybe you forget some of them too^^

People cook way too less these days, even though cooking or better said food is one of the most important things in our life! Eating healthy food prevents our body from getting sick, a diet with fresh vegetables and fruits is way more healthy than just eating less. Without food you can’t concentrate as with it. And while cooking you can easily switch off and don’t have to think about anything from your daily routine because you have enough to think about the food you want to make!

In my opinion cooking is something social, everybody can help in the kitchen even if you think you’re completly untalented in the kitchen (which you are not!), there’s always something which has to be cut 😀 Everyone has to calm down and just chill sometimes and cooking is the perfect time to relax, take some friends, play some good music and start cooking! It’s also very convenient, you meet your friends and spend time with them, you don’t waste money somewhere outside and at the end you have a delicious food which you can eat all together! 🙂

So have fun, eat well and remember what Chef Gusteau said: „Everybody can cook!“